LAN ... peer to peer ... 2 XP and 2 Linux machines.

Linux can see the XP shares through Samba Client ... installed by default ... and so can MOST other software on the Linux Workstation, when loading File Manager to browse.

HOWEVER, software such as Open Office [all suites] gFTP, Filezilla and SOME 'upload' modules on remote www servers do NOT show my network shares when i need to browse for either opening them [as with OO] or uploading them [as with upload from remote www host]

Some [most] other software on the Linux WStation CAN see my xp network shares as required ... eg Photobucket can [remote www host] .... GIMP can, and the list goes on.

It appears that the 'Network' part of of the Computer listing does not load into the File Manager - for SOME software????

As i say, it appears to be just the combination of SOME software and Linux ... for example, if i try the same thing in XP with either OO of FileZilla ... there is no issue??

Hope i have explained clearly enuff ....

Anybody have an answer ... cause it is ALWAYS the one i NEED that does not show the Network Drives .... *grin* ... plus it is driving me crazy!!

Thanks in advance ....