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    Networking assistance needed

    Hey all, I just installed gentoo and Im running into a networking issue. Eth0 is started when the system boots, and I dont get any module errors. (using module8139too to support my realtek card. When I installed / chrooted in lsmod showed this as the module in use and connectivity was okay then) I am able to ping my local ip, but not my gw. When I boot into another OS using the same stack settings, (I.e netmask, gw etc) everything works.

    ifconfig eth0 shows the correct ip address, bdcast address and netmask. Shows 0 rx/tx packets. (so no collisions etc)

    route -n shows:
    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 eth0 UG 0 0 0 lo UG 1 0 0 eth0

    My settings for iface_eth0 in /etc/conf.d/net look okay, and the gw line looks good too.


    Oh, I have checked things like physical link and such.

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    Which kernel are you running? I had the same issue with a 2.4 kernel a few months ago and the NIC wouldn't connect to anything until I used the 2.6 kernel. I don't know if the Realtek chipset has been given support since then but try development-sources or gentoo-dev-sources (emerge one or the other, the first is the vanilla 2.6 kernel and the second is the gentoo-patched 2.6 kernel).

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    2.6, I think. (not @ home right now) I just disabled the nic in the BIOS and threw a different one in there.

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