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    Smile performance improvement while reading network data

    Recently we developed a network buffering algorithm where we allocate
    large chunk of memory and reuse it to store and consume network messages.

    My Query

    My question is, we are allocating this large memory in user space. First network buffers from network device drivers are copied to user
    space from kernel space and then all the above operations are performed.
    Copying this network data from kernel to user space is still an

    Can we have a way so that this kernel to user space memory copying can
    be avoided all together ??
    My thinking was that there can be two ways to perform this ..

    1. Either Network device driver stores the network data as in the
    above algorithm and consumer thread will read the data from kernel memory.
    There is a problem that we will have to allocate large amount of
    kernel memory which could lead to disasters if any bugs are present. So proper care should be taken.
    (Something like network buffering algo will mmap in kernel memory space.)

    2. Other way could be to modify network device driver so that using
    mmap system call, directly map network data to user space rather than kernel memory space and then network buffering algo will read this data from user space directly.

    Can you give me some feedback
    If this can be achieved? What are the issues associated? Any good reading material will be nice.


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    Re :

    Any updates on this??
    No replies ..
    Is this question difficult to understand? Someone needs more clarification on this?


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