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    communicate between two lans

    hi all

    i have two proxies configured at my place
    the servers ips are and

    both the servers are running squid proxy servers. but the users of the 16 pool cannot communicate with the users of 31 pool unless they change their ips in 31 pool.

    i wanted that both the pool can ping each other and access each others ip .
    does ne1 has an idea how this can be done through iptables.

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    You have two options.

    You can put a machine between the two networks to act as a gateway (this is technically a "firewall", but really it just forwards IP traffic), in this you put a network card connected to each lan, and routing rules to allow it to forward packets between the two.

    Or you could connect both the networks directly, and fool the network protocol into thinking that it's all one big LAN by changing the netmask for all computers to FF.F0.00.00. I don't think this is safe if the network is connected to the Internet, though (but I could be wrong).
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