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    problem mounting network share drive

    I'm trying to mount a network share drive onto my linux machine.

    I have:
    1. A comp running Windows XP 64 on an office network
    2. A comp. running Linux Fedora Core 6.

    I have checked that the share drive is available for mount by doing this:

    [root@localhost ~] smbclient -L name_of_windows_machine -U username

    and it returns an output showing me that the drive 'data' is available to mount.

    then i did:

    [root@localhost ~] smbfs -o username=username_on_windows, password=******* //name_of_windows_machine/data/mnt mount the share drive 'data' to '/mnt' on my linux machine.

    this returns a buch of instructions that i don't really understand???

    does anyone know if i'm on the right path and if so what do i do now?

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    Mount a Windows share on Linux with Samba

    i typed this "Mount a Windows share on Linux with Samba" in Google and there are lots of articles that should help you resolve this issue.

    Assuming you did everything correctly I would assume that your windows box may have some permissions on the share you need to address.

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    I received email from linuxforums but your post is not there.

    First, do you want this drive to be writable? What distro are you using? Some distros come with point and click methods of mounting these.

    there are a few things that you need to do.

    Basically what it comes down to is just making a directory on your linux box that has the permissions you want (probably the same as the windows box) because the windows box will control what can and can't be done to it.

    If it was me doing this I would just make the shared drive like I always do...
    1)Click a folder you want to share
    2)Go to sharing and watever it is
    3)share and allow writing and everything it lets you do
    4)Test on another computer besides the linux box to verify that data can be read, written, sent, and received
    5)THEN I would go and mount it in linux using the same method I just used on the other test computer.

    Mounting a windows (SMB) share in linux:

    I am would have just copy pasted this from someone else so:

    How to mount remote windows partition (windows share) under Linux

    If you need help if this does not work please give me an error or some sort of functionality you are missing.

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