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    an odd network configuration - need assistance

    Sorry if this information has been posted elsewhere. I tried searching for it, but I'm afraid I don't know the proper terminology.
    Here is what I have:
    numerous PC's connected to a switch. also connected to the switch is a win2k3 server (for dhcp and fileserving) and the gateway.
    Here is what I want to do:
    Plug in my linux box between the switch and any of the attached components(workstations, server, or gateway) so I can monitor traffic across the line and so I can connect with the linux box to the internet.
    i need the workstations to still gather their DHCP from the win2k3 server and the workstation still needs to be accessible to other computers on the network and accessible to the gateway.
    The linux box only has to be accessible so I can remotely log onto it.

    my thoughts are setup the box as a proxy server only with no masquerading, no restrictions on traffic either way, and ipforwarding allowed. I figure to assign the exterior NIC (to the switch) a static address outside the normal range ordinarily assigned by the server.

    Does it matter what IP I assign the interior NIC (computer side)?
    does it need to be on the same subnet as the server / ext NIC? (I'm thinking yes to that)

    I am fairly new to linux, but have tinkered with it enough that I know this isn't a one and done kind of thread. If anybody could help here, I would greatly appreciate it. Even a list of terminology I could use to do further searches would be good. a link to a setup style page would be great. a direct exchange here to work through this would be awesome.
    Thanks for y'alls assistance.

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    G, welcome to the forum. Per your situation, I'm think about using the following configuration:

    [CODE]I'net ----(1)----GW----(2)----Linux----|Switch|---connects to workstations

    On link (2) you can either use a dummy switch to connect Gateway and the Linux box or use a crossover ehternet cable to directly connect.

    In this setup the Linux box serves as the gateway for the workstations, and it connects to the Internet through G.W. Which IP address to use for the Linux box's internal Interface (which connects to the switch) does not really matter, as long as it is in the same subnet as the workstations (including the dhcp server) and does not conflict with any existing fixed ip address. Since the GW doesn't connect with the LAN directly, you'll have to use a different ip/subnet for the GW's Interface that connects to the Linux box, which will use that subnet as well on its external interface.

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