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    What is the answer of AD(Active Directory)?


    Can nybody tell what is the answer of AD of Windows in open source?
    Is there any competent product of any other way to beat AD ?
    Waiting for your replies !


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    Well I use FedoraDS, which is an LDAP server, much like AD. I dont know what you mean by 'beat AD' - you can do what it does, but the whole LDAP thing is pretty simple, there's nothing to 'beat' really.
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    Active Directory is far FAR more than just LDAP. All LDAP does is provide the directory and syntax for lookups.

    Linux has its background in the mainframe days so converting it for use in distributed networks is difficult.

    The only way I can think of getting anywhere close to the power of AD is to use NIS+ (for centralized login management) in combination with lots and lots of shell scripts (for task automation, software installs and the like) and NFS (for file shares).

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    Thanks Allot MaxHavoc & Roxoff this is of great help

    Thats true AD is much more than LDAP. Actually we are trying Sun Access Manager with Sun Diectory Server, i really dont know the competency of both in respect with AD. But want to search best solution.

    Sachin Kokcha

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