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    Talking twisted network idea

    good day to all.. I just have a little question.

    Is it possible to direct all http request from clients on a network to an http server which exclusively has the only access to another http server?

    Expansion of query:
    Server A: this is a web server with firewall configured to accept connections based on IP addresses of another web server, i.e Server X and Server Y.

    Server X and Y: are configured to accept local http connections from is clients.

    Clients: can only query the Server A through the Server X or Y. If clients directly query Server A, the request are denied. If clients query Server X or Y, authentication shall be done and then access to the webserver A is permitted.
    Clients should be able to login to the webpages of Server X or Y and then perhaps be redirected or forwarded securely to the webpages of server A.

    I am not sure how to go about solving this problem... can anyone give me ideas...
    is is possible by making a webpages only or are there any network configuration that I need to do or scripts I need to write... I need some advise on this one.

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    What you're talking about here is a proxy. The most popular proxy in use on Linux systems is Squid. You can set this up to capture all requests to port 80 from the network and have it forward them elsewhere, that's called transparent proxying.

    If you tell squid that it has an upstream proxy - i.e. your main machine, it can do whatever it likes with the web requests.
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    Talking thanks roxoff

    I have read proxy servers and used them before particularly squid.. I may not be an expert on it but as I understood it right, it is more on outbound requests.. all request passes through squid to connect to the outside, correct if I am wrong.

    What is odd about this idea is that it is more like an inbound http request server.. all servers and clients are located on different places not just within a local network and all can have public IP addresses.. Rather quite the opposite of that of squid.. request to Server A can only be done through Servers X and Y. I get your point that it could be a proxy server if all its clients are located in a network belonging to Servers X and Y.. but the question is what if these clients are not belonging or under the Servers X and Y? I think it is more like a hybrid or combination of VPN and Proxy network or something..

    I have come to read something like an inbound proxy.. I think so far that is the most closest thing I have come up with. I've googled it but so far I am unsuccessful with tutorials and some reading materials.. do you have anything I can read to start with? I don't know if this is even possible...

    Server A Server X Client A
    (public IP) <--- (public IP) <------(public IP)
    |-------------Client B
    (private IP)

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