Hello all, I think is should be classified as semi-newbie but i am taking the aspect to networks when using Linux, so here is the short story of my problem:
I have a small network (round 60 users) that is been driven by Mikrotik router, but I've mean while been preparing a Debian based router with tc synchronized to a SQL database. Anyway the main problem is that the network is rapidly expanding and I'm out of Internet capacity with my current ISP (Currently using the maximum speed offered), so i am about to use a second one at the same time with the purpose of expanding capacity.
The issue is that i don't want to separate my network to two or more segments, but unite both ISP's speed and distribute it to all users.
My guess is using tc and iptables to do so, cause of BGP is yet too unknown for me.
So i'm looking for any ideas how to do so...
I can do it with 2 gateways even on same router, but that splits the network too.
I just want to set the capacity of each ISP and configure routing so both carry same or close percentage of load.
I found a few "2 ISP" post, but non is similar or compete enough.

I want to say "Thanks" in advise and apologize for my bad English.