Good Day All.

Me and my friends would like to know if what we would like to do it possible.

We all have upto 8mb broadband from dif ISP, I am on AOL, one on BT, and one on orange, we are all using Netgear Wireless ADSL routers.

At this point in time we want to only use the wifi so we don't have to start drilling holes in the walls or running loads of cables just to find out that is might not work, if it does work then at a later point in time we will hardware eveything.

The idea is to build a computer that will have 3 wifi cards, each card will connect to each one of our ADSL routers, then we next winblows or linux with some kind of software to link and share out the ADSL, we would like to have load balancing, once this is done to then send out the linked connected to a 4th wifi card.

I will be building the computer that will be the proxy server, I don't mind if we use winblows or linux, but I think linux would do this job better.

Let me know what you think?

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.