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    Routing between 2 networks

    I've got a strange problem, hope someone can help me. I've been wrestling with the approach to solve this problem for 6 hours now, and I've found what I believe to be the true solution - but I'm having a problem.

    I've got a linux server that has 3 networks on it.

    wlan0 which is 192.168.1.x
    eth1 which is 192.168.0.x
    vmnet1 which is 172.16.137.x

    I have a virtual machine running Windows 2000 bound to vmnet1. I want to bring internet from wlan0 to this virtual machine. Since VMware will not allow me to bind to anything other than the vmnetX interfaces, I've created a route on the virtual machine:

    route add Mask

    As I understand, this should direct any traffic for 192.168.1.x to (which is my router/linux machine via interface vmnet1). The router internet machine is also accessible via via eth1 and also via wlan0 on

    This works, however I cannot ping the gateway for wlan0 ( I AM however, able to ping, the servers assigned IP from the router but I can't ping the actual gateway, which is what I need. I'm looking to be able to access from my [the virtual machine] so I can use it as a gateway and thus bringing internet to the virtual machine from the wireless interface wlan0.
    I am able to ping the gateway from the server itself, so is pingable.

    I've been going hard at this for over 6 hours, I even tried an iptables command to forward packets for to but still no go.

    Any ideas???

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    Yes - read the VMWare docs. Since you didn't tell anyone you're using VMWare, I have to assume from the vmnet1 switch that it is VMWare.

    The default VMWare config is that vmnet1 is a HOST-ONLY network. To route out of it, you would need to put a VM with 2 NIC's connected to vmnet1 and another network with external access - vmnet8 or vmnet0.

    But again, since this is VMWare (which doesn't support a bridged connection over a wireless NIC), vmnet0 would need to be bridged to eth1.

    The easiest method would be to connect the NIC in the VM to the vmnet8 network - the default NAT'ed network.

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    Thanks for the reply; I saw the host-only option and didn't choose it, I didn't know that the vmnetx's options were also host only..

    I will take a crack at this and read the suggested docs last tonight; my tie rods just came in and I have 3 hours before dark to get this done!

    I'll come back here later tonight and let you know how I made out


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