I've been lurking around for almost 5 years, hoping to find a solution to modem driver that will finally allow me to completely switch to Linux. By now, I've grown tired of endless browsing through blogs, news and such and thought to try my luck once again on Linux support forums.
I have Acer Extensa 5220. Currently running Windows XP Pro SP2. Have tried running SuSe, Linux Mint and various other distros but have been unsuccessful in finding an appropriate modem driver as I'm unfortunately heavily dependent on dial-up (still). I have an in-built Foxconn Conexant modem. Modem scan sees it in Linux but I simply can't find a driver for it. I know that for years, Foxconn wasn't releasing the driver code for Linux modification, but I'm hoping that has changed or that someone has managed to build a driver. I can't do this on my own, I'm not computer savvy to *that* extent and buying a USB external modem is currently not an option.

I would appreciate someone pointing me to a right direction, where I could download an appropriate driver (for either SuSe or Mint) for my modem that would actually work. I've grown very tired of reinstalling Windows anew every time I realize I can't make the modem work under Linux, and picking up all the XP software updates again on dial-up takes days.

Thanks very much,