Ok I have installed and I think I configed it right. Sorry but I am a nooby at Linux. I am very interested in learning as I move from Windows ( yea I know ) to Linux. I am just trying little servers and what not. So I downloaded and installed SecurePoint Firewall and VPN server 4.5. Installed it and I think I have made the right configs.

I dont understand how the server gets an IP. For the gateway I put which is my router within the network. (As of now the server is just plugged into my cisco switch which is connected to the Linksys router) Then it asked me to give it an IP so I put for the one ethernet card. Then the other one its .36. Then it asked me for drivers. So I told it 3c59x which my cards are 905c and 905b. Then it asked me for IP for remote admin. So I put .37 one install (didnt work) then .35 for another install still no work.

I need some help getting the NICs to get an IP. Or just help me to get it to work. If you need more INFO just ask me. Once again I am not familuar with Linux.

If anyone can help that would be awesome! Thanks for your time!