Im doing a prject where in the target contains an OS similar to Linux. There is a webserver that is running on the target. All the webpages are generated using CGIs only. So when I make a request from the web browser, respective CGI is executed and the html content is sent to the browser.
There are CGIs which will send huge amount of data through the network to the browser. When I make a request to the target Im able to get the page but a slow rate. Now when I make the requests at a faster rate only half the page is displayed, which displays the html page content.
Im not able to understand whether it is the problem with the CGI execution of the tcp buffer. When I enabled debugs in my application I can see that CGI is executed perfectly. All the data is sent to TCP Buffer exactly. But not received at the browser end. I doubt the TCP, Can anyone help in tracing out the problem. I need to complete this very badly

Thanks in advance
Mahesh Gupta.B