Hi All,

I'm having some problems with configuring multiple wan connections on my residential gateway platform and hope that I'll be able to get some pointers here.

The requirement for me is to have multiple wan connections over a single ethernet device. For this purpose I'm using VLANs. For sake of simplicity lets say I have a wan ethernet device (eth1, single port) and a lan ethernet device (eth0, multi-port). On my hardware these exist on the same switch so I'm not sure if we can assume them equivalent to a linux box with two different NICs. I configure two VLANs on eth1 and configure my external switch and router to assign two different IP addresses to these VLAN interfaces. I configure two similar VLANs on eth0. I bridge two VLANs (WAN-LAN) together and the other VLAN (the native one) is used for normal routed mode. The configuration is used to connect multiple hosts on the LAN ethernet device and use them in different configurations to access the internet at the same time.

Presently, I use the routed IP (or DHCP) to allow the wan vlan interfaces to come up and get an ip from the dhcp server on external router. What I really want is the ability to have different wan connection mechanism (DHCP or PPPoE) on each VLAN. For example, I'll have the native WAN VLAN not bridged with LAN and use one of DHCP or PPPoE on this. The second WAN VLAN needs to be bridged with the corresponding LAN VLAN and use a connection mechanism different from the native VLAN i.e. PPPoE on native and DHCP on second or vice-versa.

Can somebody please guide me on how I can achieve this ? Any help would be appreciated.