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    DNS Configuration for Intra/Internet

    Hello All,

    Here is the situation I would like to get some help with please.

    I currently have a cable modem with a router attached. Behind it I have 4 PCs, 3 of them are Windows based clients which have their IP dynamically assinged from the router. Then 1 Linux box (Fedora9) as setup as a full "webserver". The Linux box is using a static IP address with with non registered domain name.

    The router is currently setup to get it's IP address and DNS settings assinged to it dynamically from my ISP. It also by default has NAT filtering and SPI firewall turned on. My clients and server have the routers ip address set up as their gateway and dns IP address.

    The Linux webserver will have its own firewall and dns server(bind9) but I am planning on letting ISPConfig manage all of this but I have yet to set either up.

    Currently I can ping and access all machines and the outside world. But I can only ping or login to my internal network by IP address only, not by host or domain name. I really only care about accessing the Linux box by name and IP. The windows boxes are just clients that need to access the web and the internal Linux server.

    How do I set things up to be able to access both the intranet Linux server and the outside world from any machine on my internal network by using domain names not only IP address.

    What do I need to set up or configure on my router, my Linux box and possiblly clietns???

    If you can advise I will really apreciated!

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    The short and simple is you need to register a domain name and have a DNS server host your domain that is reachable on the internet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazydog View Post
    The short and simple is you need to register a domain name and have a DNS server host your domain that is reachable on the internet.

    So that means I would need a static IP address from my ISP tooright?

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    No. You have 2 scenarios:

    A) Your IP on your cable modem changes often (like every day/week) - you can dynamically update DNS with your current IP by using a dynamic DNS client/service. Some routers even have this option built in.

    B) Your IP is fairly static (maybe changes every 6-8 months.) Set the IP in DNS and leave it. If it changes, go update it.

    Google is your friend and information on this abounds.

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