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    Problem to setup network, routing problem??

    Hi I am trying to create small network, all routed, not bridged.
    Here is a picture:

    From main router I can ping:
    provider ip:
    PC1, PC2, router

    On PC1 works everything: internet, ping of provider ip
    On PC2 internet doesnt work, I cant ping provider, only main router( there is propably problem between main router- router- PC2)

    Can you help what is wrong?

    If there is problem to understand that from hand-made picture I can do it on some computer program...

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    Well let start off with the basics.

    Ping from PC2 to the following ip's: (Wireless LAN) (Wireless WAN) (Wireless GW) (LAN GW) (LAN PC) (Network GW)

    Also log onto the Wireless router and do the same ping tests.

    Any of these fail?
    Which ones?

    Which ever IP you could not get to please post the out from netstat -n from the devices that could not be pinged.


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    Ya'll probably know way more about this than I do but...

    I think most of those pings will fail because the 'main' wireless router and the 'remote' wireless router are not talking.

    Remote one is trying to be used in a topography that I would've thought required it to be in 'bridge mode' w/ DHCP off. Then to subnet (I think that's what is being attempted) PC2 would require a wired router after the bridge with it's DHCP set to the range.

    I've used a LinkSys WET54G to have 'PC2' out there someplace but it wasn't on a subnet. But currently I"m running a wired connection from my main router to a 2nd router (old netgear) configured that as an Access Point(AP) and let the laptops (PC2) wireless into it (again though, no subnetting).

    Why do you wanna subnet PC2?

    Interesting. Please let us know where you end up.

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