Distro: Debian Lenny
Phone: LG Fusic (LX550)
Carrier: Sprint

Let me begin by explaining: everything is configured and initially works.

I am using my LG Fusic (EVDO/3G) to connect online via bluetooth using bluetooth dialup networking.

I have /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm. conf and /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf configured.
I can successfully dial up via BT and connect. I can even pull up a web page or two.

Everything works great.. for about 30 seconds. Then the connection goes 'stale'.

1) /var/log/syslog shows nothing wrong.
2) /var/log/messages shows no errors.
3) The connection is still active
4) ifconfig verifies the connection is still good.
5) The front of the phone still shows connection.
5) There is absolutely no trace (that I can find) as to why I can not ping out or reach any external web site.

If I disconnect and re-connect, it works again - for just another 20-30 seconds and same thing happens.

The phone works great using the data cable (tethered) - absolutely no problems. This only happens when using BT.

I have read a couple mailing lists that mentioned something about needing custom BT stacks for certian phones but have not found any actual usefull info.

If anyone has come across this problem or knows of a possible solution, let me know.


- Dean