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    Squid "hide and seek" ?

    The problem is sometimes the people who have Internet access have to set the proxy in order to browse.

    But from time to time they get "The page cannot be displayed" in Internet Explorer .

    If they deselect squid all works fine.

    But from time to time the error message comes again and they have to put the squid back .

    And the most strange of all is that at a particular moment of time a number of users have the proxy set, and another number of users have the proxy unset in order to have Internet access

    I have a small network of computers (64), and 35 of them have access to the Internet through a Debian 30 r2 (kernel 2.4.18 ) with a firewall and a Squid. The users have full Internet access through FOWARD chain or they can use Squid Through INPUT chain.

    I'm pretty confused about this problem !

    Please help!

    Thank you in advance !

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    There can be several issues here.
    Is the Debian box the default route for all the machines?
    Is the Debian box also the Squid server?
    Is the iptables table static or do you build it dynamicly when users log in or something?
    If it is static, how is it structured, do you allow all computers with ip i.e 192.168.1.<100 to surf? If you use DHCP in this case perhaps they just get a higher address?

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