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    Problem reestabling network

    I just installed Ubuntu on my desktop which was the hub for my wireless home network. Both my computers can still get on the internet, but my laptop can't seem to find my desktop, or more importantly, my printer. The laptop is still running Vista (for another month or so.)

    When I go to Places - Network on my desktop (with linux) it finds the laptop just fine, but no matter where I look on my laptop (vista) it's like it's all alone on the network. It still shows the old network name as well.

    I am a raw linux noob so please help.


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    *Nix doesn't run (by default) the spam/broadcast protocol that MSFT uses to "find" other computers on the network. This can be enabled by installing/running the Samba package - namely, the nmb daemon that's part of Samba.

    Your desktop has the client portion of Samba and this is why it "sees" the laptop. The nmb daemon may be installed and just need to be started. Normally it would be done with:

    /etc/init.d/nmb start
    If not, you may need to install the samba server package.

    Samba Intro

    The other two CIFS pieces, name resolution and browsing, are handled by nmbd. These two services basically involve the management and distribution of lists of NetBIOS names.
    ** You don't *need* the Samba server package unless you are "sharing services" from the desktop. But it sounds like you are - file sharing and printing.

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    OK, installed the Samba Package using

    sudo apt-get install samba smbclient
    Now I am researching to figure out what to do next. More to follow.

    Update: I read this page:

    And it might as well be in Greek. I'm off to find my Greek dictionary.

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    OK, through some arcane black magic (and some help from I can now see my linux machine from my windows machine. I can also see my printer, but I can't seem to use it. "Access Denied" is what it's telling me. I'm guessing that I need to tell Ubuntu to share the printer (I thought I already did) before it will work from the laptop. I'm off to figure out how to do that (again). Comments and advice are welcome as always.

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    Update RE: Printer Sharing

    OK, I have installed hplip and have verified that my printer (HP Deskjet 380) is installed correctly to the best of my ability. When I access "Network" on my laptop (Vista) I can now see both the desktop (Ubuntu) and the printer. When I try to double click the printer Vista tells me that the host computer does not have the drivers for the printer and offers to find them. I say ok and enter my printer info. It then opens a printer window and across the top say "Deskjet_F300 on OLSON-DESKTOP Access denied, unable to connect"

    I have looked in System > Admin > Printing where the printer is located and I right clicked on it ensuring that it is shared (it is.)

    SAMBA has been installed on this machine as well. I'm not sure where to go from here,

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    Success!!! Thanks for your help HROAdmin.

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