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    [SOLVED] Closed Listen Port

    Hello again my fellow tuxies,
    I have a small problem that seems to have cropped up in the last 2 days; my network admin, my step father, due to his rocky marital relationship with my mother, has figured out a way of giving me access to the internet without allowing me to torrent things like linux distros thus killing one of my great joys. I know exactly what he did too, he closed the listen port but left the upload port open, thats what tipped me off.

    My question is simple: Does anyone here have any ideas of how to get around this port being closed?

    Network information: Router -- Hp Procurve Switch 2124
    Modem: SpeedStream 4200 DSL/CBL

    [keep in mind i know very little about networking]
    Personally I was thinking about splicing the network cable that goes to the router/hub ,then installing a wireless router in a hidden location. This way, he can block all the ports he wants to on that damn router, and it would in my very limited understanding, stop him from blocking me. Would this work?

    **this guy is a network admin by profession, but judging by the number of networking programs he has going, he is a newb-- an example of this is called link systems (i think) that he uses to manage everything. I saw the administrator at my High School do things without these kinds of oversimplified programs, and he knew everything about the subject.
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    For the router thing, if you plug the modem to your wireless router, and then all the other devices behing this router, yes it would work.
    (your computer being connected wirelessly that is).

    But your system admin cant block all upload port, this would be mostly stupid.
    Try a different port in your torrent client, or if you really want to learn more about this, try an SSH proxy!

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    thanks for responding, ill keep that in mind. I guess all i have to do now is just learn what that stuff is. Thanks again.

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