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    Squid Email error (Newbie Here!)

    Hi, I'm a technician who has been asked to come in to a school who's previous technician has left them. I have no experience in Squid, but have used other Linux web proxy software.

    Users are able to access internet by entering username and password when prompted. They are using Thunderbird for email and can send emails. However when they try to download emails from the proxy server they are prompted for a password. When they enter their password they receive the reply "PAM authentication failed for user <username>. Permission denied (6)"

    Any suggested steps to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.



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    What do you mean 'download emails from the proxy server'?

    Normally you'd get email from your email server. They might be on the same machine, but they're very different processes.

    Are your users trying to use an email server via pop3, imap or some other protocol? Have you tried pointing their incoming email to your mail server? You may find that their passwords are different on that machine to their proxy machine password which is intended to marshall their access to the internet in a controlled way.

    If they're using a web-based mail system then when asked for the mail server's password, again they shouldn't be putting in the proxy username/password, but the one known about by the web system providing the mail interface.
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