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    Question need help networking 3 linux comps (1 bsd )

    hello all im redoing my system and attempting to make it so my 2 laptops hook up to a linux or unix server to store their files. (one server may be for family who knows) one will be linux the other desktop when i get it BSD. i alternate between a freebsd dual boot laptop with windows toshiba and the other laptop is Hp DV 2700 or something. the fourth computer im hopefully getting from a freind, have no idea what shape it wil be in but in the mean time im playing around with my ubuntu desktop and my HP laptop with centos on it trying to get them to network . i cant quite get it to happen.ive tried the vnc remote desktop . t says it cant connect. mysql wants a database the problem with that is i have all sorts of stuff on my system from ISOs to music to videos. i dont want that. i want a way to network witth the server having the acess to the users hardrives the users can read write if they have an admin account. the only equipment that i could find around my house and that googlesearch said works apparetly ( i have never set up something like this before) is a

    Linksys wireless g router ( i dont have a modem but some of the server configurations do appear to be sending from cent os to my ubutnu comp i just have everything configured wrong)
    2 ethernet cables ( i had to tear apart the house to find another)

    any ideas?

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    if your machines are on the same network, you should be able to connect to them without issue, my guess is the vnc service is not enabled on the machine you are trying to connect to, VNC is kind of quirky on ubuntu, you have to go to system->preferences->remote desktop and enable it there, as far as the shared drives, just use samba, it is easy to set up, you can enable users to have as much or as little access as you want

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    i turned that on in ubuntu and have made no progres. samba is installed but ubuntu sees my pubic files to centos partailly but wont open them centos doesnt see ubuntu at all (the ubuntu comp is the server) the file seen by ubuntu is a public HTTP file of some sort thia i dont know how i made but it appears as if centos is the server now and i dont want that. i cant see ubuntu at all and cent os is not seen from ubuntu except fr that file. any more ideas?

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