i installed squid 2.7E16 on debian 4 etch .. with zph patch ..
this server is connected to mikrotik router os . which is the gateway of my network ..
everything is fine and working perfectly ..
i installed videocache helper for squid lately , to cache youtube and other 13 video sites ..
again everything is working perfectly ..

only one issue :

the cached video files doesnt recognized by zph as a hit !! so its tos or dscp doesnt cheange by zph ..
any other HIT files is marked like always ..

the videocache writer said that the squid doesnt allow the helper to interface r to zph !! so its not possible directly , there must be some ip-table rule to do rhis ..

the videocache files are coming from the Apache server in the same server ( stored thier ) so someone suggested to me that i have to mark these packets coming from apache port , i did it , its working only for the packets which is requested directly from apache like if i download a file from apache , but the cached video which is requested by a network user no , cause they are going from apache to squid then they will be output to mikrotik .. the tos or dscp mark will chabge ..

any idea to mark these packets ( changing thier tos or dscp ) and keep these changes even when its going to mikrotik through squid ?