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    Transparent routing

    Please, help to configure the following configuration:

    Node A             Node B                Node C
    eth0   <----->  eth0 <--> eth1   <----->  eth0
    A, B and C are in the same subnet.
    B is default gateway of C.
    B is not default gateway of A.
    A and C can reach each other without static routes.

    I set IP forwarding between B-eth0 and B-eth1, and B-eth1 is a default gw of C.
    I can reach A from C but I cannot reach C from A because B needs to answer ARP
    on behalf of C and I don't know how to do it.

    If I set static route on A like this
    ip route add to C-eth0-ip via B-eth0-ip dev A-eth0-ip
    it works but, unfortunately, the requirement is to not use static routes.
    In fact B should be kind of proxy transparent for all types and level of traffic.

    Please, recommend what things in addition to IP forwarding I need to setup.

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    If Node_B's only purpose is to connect the networks of Node_A and Node_C, then drop the routing requirement altogether and just make Node_B a bridge.

    This removes all routing issues.

    Google: linux bridge

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    That's what I thought after googling around, but it's always good to get a clear answer from a professional. Thanks.

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