Hi guys...I'm sisi.

I have a strange problem at my server. We used to install RedHat enterprise Linux (RHEL)4 server at 2005 ago, and everything was setup perfectly like samba, dns, squid, dhcp server, etc. Everything works normally.

Students at my labs also used to save as their jobs directly to server, and everything was fine, including photoshop and coreldraw. But recently, students can't save as their photoshop 7 corel directly to server. If they save it to HD then upload to server, things are just fine. It only happens to photoshop & corel, other programs such as office, autocad, image ready, etc can do save as direcly to server. So only "photoshop & corel " have save as problem.

the syntac error at windows screen is " UNABLE TO SAVE TO SERVER, NOT ENOUGH SPACE ON THE HAED DRIVE", but the HD capacity on server is still much ( < more than 160 GB ).

So, enyone can help me guys ? I need to solve it for my labs coz students have to use it.

Thanx and nice to meet u !