Hello frnds

i am running iperf client as

./iperf c -l 22 b 100 -i 1 t 100 -u p 5001

for UDP packet generation at client side in linux machine

I run iperf server as

./iperf s i 1 u p 5001 in machine

how can I modify the iperf source code such that it generates different length
packet's at each interval

In the above length of packet must change at each second or interval

For example

if I run iperf with

./iperf c -l 22 b 100 -i 1 t 100 -u p 5001

the next interval or second it must generate packet with different length

./iperf c -l 50 b 100 -i 1 t 100 -u p 5001
see the bold charecters above

How can I change the packet length from 22 to 50 at run time only ,so that the packet length increases at each instance from 22 to 50 and then 100 and so on

This above is for linux machine , any windows machine solutions are also welcome