Hi -

Is there a way to do the following?

I have sshd listening on all interfaces on a multi-homed system with eth0 and eth1network interfaces.

Now when I use the dynamic forwarding with the login sessions, I wish that that the session that I had initiated with eth0's IP should have the forwarded request going out from eth0 interface and simiarly the session to eth1's IP should have the forwarded request going out from eth1 interface.

The idea is that I want to use these ssh servers as socks proxies, and so when I connect to a remote server the remote server should see the connection comming from the respective IP to which I have logged into.

I tired this out - "Overcoming Asymmetric Routing on Multi-Homed Servers"
Overcoming Asymmetric Routing on Multi-Homed Servers

But it didn't help. I suppose that the ssh server swapns a new connection for the forwarded request, and just pipes the response back to the client. So the forwarded connection always goes out by the first default route i.e. eth0.

Is there a way to achieve what I am looking for?