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    Listening on wrong ip - vs.

    hi all,
    using local ssh port forwarding as follows:

    ssh -L [local_port]:[local_host]:[remote_port] [remote_machine]

    I found the local port 'binded' to IP

    Example: local_port = 30999

    # netstat -nlp | grep 30999
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6977/ssh
    tcp 0 0 ::1:30999 :::* LISTEN 6977/ssh

    For certain reasons it is supposed to be bound to the IP:, so
    that my desired netstat should look like:

    # netstat -nlp | grep 30999
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6977/ssh

    any ideas how this could be achieved?
    tx in advance!


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    If this post is answered then it would clear a lot of my confusions.

    When we bind a port, why is it shown bounded to instead ?
    I mean that the IP of the system is the latter, then why is shown? I have read in my course book that is used as a source address when sending ARP requests, not much has been taught apart from this usage of the address

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    thread continued here:

    see and search for "Binding TCP ports"

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