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    Connecting 2 networks with VPN and allow all traffic

    I'm trying to figure out how to connect a Linux vpn client to a windows 2003 server and allow all traffic both ways, if it's like one network, to make it easyer to understand I'll explain the setup a bit more.

    Windows 2003 server is the VPN server, it has a DHCP, DNS and Exchange server running on it. and a couple of workstations connected to it.
    The server gets its own Internet IP from a second network card.

    The Linux vpn client is at a different location and needs to connect to the Windows 2003 server using VPN (this bit is already working) behind the Linux vpn client are also a couple of windows workstations and printers.

    The main idea is that the clients of the second location get there IP's from the windows 2003 server, can print on the printers on both networks and access the exchange server on the 2k3 server.
    But, the workstations on the side of the 2k3 server also have to be able to connect to the workstations and printers and even use the gateway (router) on the side of the linux vpn client, to make it short, all traffic has to be possible both ways.

    Now I've tried bridging the ppp0 to eth1 on the Linux vpn client, without success (something about not possible bridging a layer 2 and layer 3 interface)

    So my question, is it possible with iptables??

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    I really need to get this working....

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