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    1 Public IP. 3 Domains

    Im moving into an apartment soon and my roomates and i will only have 1 IP address. we are looking to setup a server so that traffic destined to is sent to me. is sent to one roomate. and is sent to the other roomate. i was told that squid could accomplish this but from my understanding squid is only for http servers. i need something that will apply for all traffic. basically im asking if there is a way to turn 1 publicly facing IP into 3.
    we have not purchased the server yet but are prepared to purchase multiple network cards for it.

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    What do you mean 'traffic'?

    If you're all running your own game servers, then put them on seperate ports on the server and forward those ports to your respective machines.

    If you mean web servers, then that's easy too - you can set apache up with virtual hosts, so the incoming request (with it's full target page and site) determines which website deals with the request. There's plenty of information about virtual hosts on the apache website.

    Or you could just mean a NAT type network behind your server, so you have private-space IP addresses for your main computers but they talk to the internet through the server which has a single IP address for that purpose that you share.
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