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    Setting up Mandrake Network

    I am new to Linux and networking in general. I have two Linux boxs at home. One of the computers is connected to the internet, via a cable modem. Both computers have NICs and there is a cross-over cable connected to the computer with the internet connection and the other computer.
    I would like both computers to share the internet connection and and to share data. The computer with the internet connection is using MDK 10 and the other computer has MDK 9.1 installed.
    I am really not experienced in this at all, so if someone could please give me a step by step guide , I woul be really appreaciative.

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    hmmmm... This has been discussed here many times, but:

    One question - Does the MDK 10.0 box have two nics?
    MDK 10.0 uses Shorewall + Squid to setup a transparent proxy. That's heavy duty. I'd suggest installing Firestarter instead. Once you do that, use the ICS wizard in FireStarter. Then setup the MDK 9.0 box to use the 10.0 box as the gatewat. You'll be surfing in no time

    Good Luck!
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    Okay. How do I do that? I installed firestarter on my mdk 10 box, but got confused by all the IP, subnet mask, host and zerof host stuff. I am not a software guy. Thanks for advice anyway, I will try to do what you suggested, but it would help me out if you told me where to click or what to type.

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    The MDK10 box has 1 NIC and a USB port/cable (that later becomes a coax cable) connection to the internet. The cross-over cable is the only connection between both boxs that both have one NIC each.

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