Hi Guys,

I'm not new to Linux, but what I'm trying to do is going to be a bit more complicated than what I've ever attempted before.

I have an old Colbalt Raq P3 server coming my way, which for compatibility reasons will probably be running CentOS 4.x. My current Internet connection is NAT'd and behind a firewall, however I have a special server PPTP account that busts through the NAT firewall and gives me a static, public unlimited IP.

What I want to do, is configure this server to always connect to the PPTP connection, and bind all server software to the VPN-provided public IP.

I also want to use the Raq's 2nd ethernet port to run a NAT/Firewall for between 1 and 3 local machines. So, basically, the machine would be connecting to VPN, getting a real outside IP address and unrestricted tunnel connection, running server processes (apache) on the public, VPN provided IP, and also running a small Internet sharing NAT system from the VPN connection to the second Ethernet interface.

For those with doubts about the VPN working for this purpose, I have already tested this out on a Mac OS X desktop machine, and it seems to work fine for the small volume of data I'll be working with.

I don't have the server hardware yet, but I wanted to start prepping and reading documentation so I can make the setup as painless as possible when it arrives. Does anyone have any experience running a server over VPN, and providing a similar setup to what I'm trying to do?

Any advise or other help would be greatly appriciated!