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    somebody is very bad

    Regards to all,
    my problem has already been 20 days and I dont know how to resolve this. If someone has some advice please help.
    PC on ubuntu with 2 share serves.1 share server on udp protocol,secend on tcp.Problem to me is a someone hack me in, on open port 80, and traficing through the port from my servers.I have 2 dyndns adress open. How to close port 80 and that machine can still go out on internet.Ruter is linksis 54gl.I try with various combinations of iptables but no sucsses.
    Please help

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    Did you close port 80 in the Linksys router? That'd be the very first thing I'd do if someone is hacking you through it. Are they hacking you via dyndns or straight in to your boxes IP provided by your ISP?
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    Try Firestarter / ufw (Gufw) these are easy to configure firewalls.

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