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    Question Strange issue while downloading jar files on Linux system

    Hi friends,
    I'm struggling to solve this issue from long time with no results. I've installed Nexus application on my linux server which downloads .jar files from online repositories but it is not able to do so. For e.g. it can't download a jar file whose path is . Actually the issue is with the server.

    When I use wget command to download the above file, it is only able to download a part of it i.e. the file size is 863 kb but only 20-30 kbs can be downloaded and after that speed falls to 0 kbps/s and remains zero till I cancel the task and start it again.

    Here is the command used:
    wget -U NoSuchBrowser/1.0

    Now the domain is not restricted in my company which I've got confirmed. I don't know what configuration need to be changed on the server to tackle this issue. The entire server team in my company don't know how to tackle the issue....

    Please people give some suggestions.

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    can you download any files on the server? it could be failing hardware

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    Quote Originally Posted by coopstah13 View Post
    can you download any files on the server? it could be failing hardware
    Thanks for ur reply. Ya I'm able to download files. Actually when file is of large size , the above stated issue arises. Only a part of file I'm able to download then speed comes down to zero. I don't think its hardware failure as there is no issue while transferring files on intranet.

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    Curious as to how you know the problem was with the server, did you try to download the same file from another machine?

    If you suspect it's network related (since you posted to this board), and you can do a tcpdump while doing the download (until it stops), I can probably help you take a look at the traces.

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    If this is happening with other sites, then the problem is likely with your ISP who is limiting your downloads (perhaps you have overrun some download cap on your account). If it isn't happening with other sites, then there is likely a problem with, though that doesn't seem likely. Also, since it seems you are using a company account, the ISP capping is unlikely (they probably have a non-cap'd account, hopefully). In such a case, it may be that your company has implemented some download rules that cap your data downloads. Find someone in your company network administration who might know about that.

    In any case, the possibilities are very much limited, so finding the root cause is just a matter of elimination of the possibilities.
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