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    How to access the address sucn as

    My host has a address

    But I want access a host has host and my host are in different network.And is behind the gateway 202.102.2*1.2*3. How can I access the host through the gateway?

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    you should be able to get to any address, providing the routing has been set up.

    Your local PC should have a default router setup. This is where TCP/IP on your local PC sends its requests for any packet that has an address that is not on its local network and does not have a static route already setup.

    So, the sequence should be -
    1) user makes request to connect to
    2) TCP/IP on local PC sees if it already has a route (either static [ie. coded in /etc/routes] or dynamic [ie. already found this one by the following method])
    3) If a route already exists, then local TCP/IP will "know" where to send the packet of information (ie. where the next hop is)
    4) If no route exists on the local PC, the local PC's TCP/IP will take the address of its defualt router and send the packet there. It is then the job of the default router to establish what the correct route it to and pass the packet onto the correct next hop.

    One last thing. If your don't have a dot separated address (such as ) but an address such as , then your local PC's TCP/IP will have to first go to it's default dommain name server (DNS) and get a dot separated address (ie. what really is -

    Hope this points you in the right direction.

    Have fun


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