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    sshfs help - stuck at permissions

    I have following scenerio.

    Machine A( Kbuntu ) : Home computer
    Machine B( Kbuntu ): Office Computer
    Machine C( free BSD ) : Remote server

    I can Access B from A via SSH ( no password, using keys ) and C from B via SSH ( usernameassword )

    So I log onto office computer( Machien B ) and use sshfs to create a mountpoint on Machine B which mounts the filessystem from C ( remote server ).

    I use Kate to open files on machine A( home computer ) from this mount point to edit. everyhting works fine.

    Problem is I cannot save files using Kate. I cannot copy files to the mounted filesystem using Dolphin either. I get failed to rename file . Please check permissions. I have tried fiddeling with permissions 9 even set 777 on one file to test 0, but it still pops the same error.

    Any insight?

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    Have you tried this link

    h**p:// SshfsFaq - fuse

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