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    Talking Linux / Windows Network

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum.

    I am new to linux, at least to linux administration, and I have a situation.

    a friend of mine will start a new business soon that will have more than 30 machines and he wants to install a linux server as a "Domain Controller" for other linux desktop machines as well as some windows xp / Vista machines.

    the question is what services exactly will handle this in the server and desktops? and if your gonna give me a list of services please tell me what each of these services is used for.

    and just for my info .. if the whole network is linux desktops .. what would be the services for clients and server.?

    is there any detailed tutorial for this exact situation that i can follow?

    Thanks alot.

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    this would all be controlled by samba share, easy to share with Windows and *nix machines.

    Samba - opening windows to a wider world
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    Yes, but what to use to make a domain controller in this case ... other than sharing only!

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    Thanks, that helped alot

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    Assuming your going to XP pro rather than Vista on the windows WS, Linux server with samba as PDC using LDAP (openldap) for config (a bit like active directory - single signon etc).

    The worst part of windows is that it needs/feels that it has to copy the "user profile" to the the WS, but if you setup a clean, sensible profile in netlogon (eg "Application Data" lives in the users home directory) you can avoid that cr*p. Take a look at Real Men Don't Click -- User Profile Management ).

    The company I did it for insisted (required) on Windows desktops, unless there are requirements that demand windows desktops (MS office, specific win only software or netapps that use ActiveX), I would go with gone Linux desktop's (NFS home directories, automount, open office etc). It's so much cleaner and easier to maintain.

    And when you do the printers (assuming the linux server is going to host the print queue's) don't use the generic MS publisher (drivers) crap (I've seen a 1 Mb pdf gets converted to >300MB ps file) use the Adobe generic PS driver (ther's a color ppd for color printers out there "defpscol.ppd") and make sure you set the Poscript language to level 2 on the windows machines.

    I've done it (2 offices (~12 people per office) interconnected by OpenVPN etc) but it can be pain in the a**. The pain is not with Linux or Samba side but the MS clients/bullsh*t.

    Personally I would take a friend who insists on windows (unless they really really need windows or is a special friend (wink wink nudge nudge you know what I mean)) I would take them to one side and give them a slapping! and put them on the right path.
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