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    Unhappy passwordless communication with ssh

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie to Linux, I have to link two PCs through a network hub and eventually establish parallel processing. As a first step I physically connected the two PCs and configured the net work ( IP address, hostname etc). Also I have set up NFS server and client i.e I am sahring the /home folder from the server pc to the client. I mounted the /home from the server to the /share on the client. Now I'm trying to establish passwordless communication with ssh. The issue I am facing is that I can ssh from the server (linux-01) to client (linux-02) with out password but I can not do the opposite i.e I could not ssh from linux-02 to linux-01. So even after I copied the file to the authorized_keys in /linux-01/home/ezhil/.ssh/authorized_keys on the machine linux-01, ssh linux-01 still asks for password. So I couldn't figure out the problem. Any ideas to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.


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    /linux-01/home/ezhil/.ssh/authorized_keys doesn't seem to be a valid path, did you mean /home/ezhil/.ssh/authorized_keys in machine linux-01? If so

    Try this:
    on linux-01
    cd /home/ezhil/.ssh/
    cp authorized_keys authorized_keys2
    then try ssh from linux-02, if it works, you can safely delete authorized_keys.

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    When I need two servers to ssh to each other without a pwd, I just run thru these steps on each google for "OpenSSH Public Key Authentication" ...first hit:]OpenSSH Public Key Authentication

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