I have a rh9 linux box with 2 nics and an open bsd box with 2 nics. I have a cross over cable between the two boxes. The ip on the rh9 box attached to the openbsd box is (It is part of a network). The ip on the openbsdbox attached to the r9 box is (It is part of a network).

I am trying to ping from one box to another.

There is a route on the rh9 box U 0 0 0 eth1

The route on the bsd box
192.168.20/24 UGS 0 457 - xl1

When I ping from the bsd box (and sniff on the eth1 card on rh9) I only get echo requests .. no replys.

When I ping from the rh9 box (and sniff on the eth1 card on rh9) I get both echo requests and echo replies), however, I do not get anything in my terminal that shows the ping is working.

I can ping the other card on the rh9 box from the network that is attaced to it. I have also tried hooking up the same configuration between 2 openbsd boxes .. I do not get any replies. However, When I put the open bsd boxes on the same network and connect the cross over cable they can reply to each other ...

Should I not beable to ping different networks as long as I have the routing set up properly ?

There are no firewalls running on either of the boxes.

The console on the bsd box spits this out when I try to ping it from the rh9 box

"arplookup: unable to enter address for"

Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.