Hi again everyone,

I am having a few issues with my network's NAS backup server (besides alot of downtime on it).

I use smbmount with the following command:
root@solaris [~]# smbmount // /mnt/backup -o username=myusername,password=mypassword
When I mount this, I should get 40GB of space on the NAS server, however on the machine I am mounting this on, it shows up with spaces far out there.

Currently, I am using about 5GB of sapce on there in total according to the NAS space usage reports. When I look at the space usage on the pc this is mounted on, I get the following:
// 676G 110G 567G 17% /mnt/backup
This is definately a far out-there response. Is there something I am missing?

I have tried multiple times remounting it, however it still shows the same spaces.

Also, my network should soon be getting a new NAS/IDisk server (with some 70TB ) with some better uptime. How can I mount the NFS using fstab, although it requires a password? Is this possible or can I only use smbmount?