SO, I was given a 33 node cluster computer quasi-setup.

How do i know? Log into the main node as root and it's fine.

I was given a sheet of paper on this machine and no other history.

It's setup so i can ssh as such

SSH computername.local and i will go right in.

If i do this on anything other than root i get prompted for a password that isn't working.

IE: accountname computername22.local

Could this be because root is not allowed to remote into the machine ?

if not thenThis leads me to believe YPbind isn't working fully as when i examine passwd on the remote machine i can't see the account there but root is in all of them on all nodes.

How can i get NIS / YP bind working in synch ?

any information would be great as this cluster was very unexpected and all the crap i know i don't know about them is not in practice.

This isn't a job or anything so there is no time constraints on it but we would like it back up and running eventually.

This may be a tall order but thanks a ton for your help ! Even if it's a book youd tell me to go buy I'll take it.