Hi all,

I am creating a bridge br0 for eth0 and tap0. The bridge will actually receives the message and routes it to ethernet devices connected.

I was able to route the ethernet frames from tap0 to the outer world. But while receiving the response, all the frames with TCP is routed to the eth0 device. The network knows only the MAC address of eth0.

I used ebtables to translate the MAC address of the incomming packet using the Brouting table. It works fine, but still the ethernet frame goes to the eth0 device. I am puzzled to see this behaviour.

ebtables -t broute -A BROUTING -i eth0 -p ipv4 --ip-dst -j dnat --to-dst 72:CC:9B:60:D0:0E
Here 72:CC:9B:600:0E is the MAC address of tap0.

My neccessity is to get only the ethernet frame to a particular IP address on tap0 device.

Ex: I need to get ethernet frames is destined for on the tap0 device.

can anyone help me out.

Thanks in advance
Alan J