Hi all

I'm basically wanting to monitor my upload and download amounts.

I live in Australia and it is fairly common for ISP here to have a peak and off-peak data limits. I have a download limit for 3am-9am and I want to double check my ISP's stats on my linux box (Kubuntu 9.04).

I would like to be able to constantly monitor traffic up and down, to my local IPs and public IPs (preferably by port as well). Then be able to specify a time period and get a total number of MBs (i.e. how much data was downloaded from the internet last night 3am-9am.)

My router doesn't support snmp so it has to be from my PC. I have tried cacti and ntop, which both seem to gather the necessary data but seem a bit to in depth and I can't figure out how to get the exact info I want. I've also tried knemo which was simple but were not granular enough for my needs.

Any hints about tools or using ntop/cacti more effectively will be greatly appreciated.