Hi all,
i'm a complete newbie to fedora and iptables so please bare with me.

I've recent been having major hack attempts on my server and thanks to the crappy fasthost support I've been forced to learn linux on the go!

Any here's my problem,
After some major searching all advice on server security points to the iptables. So I attempted to edit it, but due to my poor understanding I think I edited the wrong file.
So when I tried to restart the iptables it failed with the message "iptables cannot execute binary"

Thinking I just need to re-install iptables I attempted to do that and now I'm stuck.

I've downloaded and attempted to install iptables but now when I try to start any of the services I the following "iptales: unrecognised service"

So I uninstalled it and re-tried and now when I try "iptables -F" I get no response and when I try "service iptables start" or "service iptables stop or status" all I get is iptables: unrecognized service

I'm guessing I've messed things up badly so please please can anyone help.
I've tried google in the problem but I'm I can't seem to find a clear answer that a novice can understand.

I've go a huge hole in my security and no means of closing the door.

I'm running Fedora 6 (Zod) Kernel 2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 on an i686 and Im tried to re-install iptables-1.3.5
Please kind ladies or gents HELP!