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    Easily access XP network

    I have a small office network with XP computers, all having same users, one Administrative and other normal user with same user names and passwords. Each has some shared folder with different permissions and they of course connect easily with each other. Now I have added some Linux computers, one is for Backups (Ubuntu), other is for internet browsing (XUbuntu) and a 3rd is for use like any other desktop. On the Ubuntu computer all the XP shares are automatically mounted on startup through a automount file(?) and backed up. The internet computer does not need to access other computers. Now the dreamlinux computer needs to access other computers and also give access to some folders. The latter part I have achieved through samba config. But the first part is where I am not very happy. This DreamLinux 3.5 install had some pyNeighbourhood which was not connecting properly to the windows shares (not mounting the shares) and so I downloaded some new version and installed. Now it just does't even show the computers. My actual question is can I browse the windows shares easily as I do through Windows Network Manager. Is there any software for this? I dont want to manually enter mount commands as the computer name may change and then commands have to be changed. Please advice. Sorry for the very long thread.

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    I'm not famialiar with this version of linux, but make sure that all of the ports are open on the firewall are open to allow network sharing on a Microsoft network. You can get the port numbers by Googling them.


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    I am not that familiar to DreamLinux. Is there some reason why you are using DreamLinux. Because I believe some of the bigger distros like Fedora and Suse will do this right out of the box. If it doesnt do it right out of the box their might be a small smb.conf file that you need to change but for the most part. They will easily allow you to browse a windows network in a gui similair to Explorer like you want to do. My advice is to try a couple of different distros because you may find out that they do what you want them to do easier.

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