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    Centralzied Management software?

    I'm looking for recommendations on central management software... Something similar to what Novell Clients do for local settings but with a remote management...

    Basically I need something that I can have on 1 computer/server that hosts all the info, files, etc...
    When clients log in with usernames or something, and it pulls their settings and files to the local computer (OR just sets their local directorys for saving to go to the server).....

    Basically so that my clients can work on 1 workstation.. if that station breaks/goes down/ moves, they can log into a new computer, and all their documents will be brought right back to their new station.

    I've been recomended Webmin for this, but I'm not sure where to start yet (I'm still reading documentation)

    Im also very new to Unix/Linux operation - just started playing with Linux Mint 7 on my laptop in the past 3 months

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    Everyone's settings are stored in their home directory, usually this is /home/<username>. If you want to store their settings centrally on Linux, then the logical solution is to put the /home partitions on the server and mount them on individual workstations using NFS.

    If you do this, then you'll probably want to store user account information centrally too - you can do this quite simply (but insecurely) with NIS+, or use other more complex solutions such as an LDAP service.

    Centralised user accounts and a central home directory system will give you what you seem to be looking for.
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