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    Post How to Configure autofs to automount the home directories of NIS users.

    I have a scenario:
    –NIS server NFS-exports /rhome/station100 to your system and suppose have 3 users (nisx) nis1,nis2,nis3,where x is ur system id.
    -- nis1's home directory is
    -- nis2's home directory is
    -- nis3's home directory is
    – nis1's home directory should be automounted locally beneath /rhome as /rhome/nis1
    – home directories must be writable by their users
    – While you are able to log in as any of the users nis1 through nis3, the only home
    directory that is accessible from your system is nisx, where x is ur system id.

    Example: station100 would configure the automounter such that nis1’s home directory
    /rhome/nis1 gets mounted automatically upon login. The NFS share would be

    I have been trying this frm past 2 days. Not able to solve.
    My auto.home entries:
    * /rhome/&
    * /rhome/station100/&

    My auto.master entries:
    /rhome /etc/auto.home

    I have been trying all the ways, but no clue whats going wrong.
    Plz help me asap.


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    I have deleted the five other threads you made identical to this one. Please do not post the same question more than once. It is considered spamming, and is a bannable offense. Best of luck with your issue.
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    My problem is with autofs +NIS.Here are the details:

    My machine configurations:
    NIS server:
    Shares: /rhome/station100/

    NIS Client:
    Needs to mount nis user dir under /rhome/nis which on server is under /rhome/station100/nis

    My auto.master entries:
    /rhome/ /etc/auto.home -rw

    My auto.home entries:

    I am facing 2 problems with this.
    Problem 1> Even though,nis1's home dir is mounted under /rhome/nis1, Could not able to change to home dir upon login on client( and nis user is placed in '/' of client.

    [root@aca80181 ~]# ssh -l nis1
    nis1@'s password:
    Last login: Thu Jul 23 11:42:09 2009 from
    Could not chdir to home directory /rhome/station100/nis1: No such file or directory
    -bash-3.2$ pwd

    Problem 2> Though only one user nis1 tried to login, all the users are getting their home dirs in /rhome/

    [root@aca80181 ~]# ls /rhome/
    nis1 nis2 nis3

    How to resolve this issue?????
    Plz reply.

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    Smile automount NFS shares


    I want to automount nfs home dir:

    to client as /users/nis1
    * -fstype=nfs,rw server:/myhome/&
    /users /etc/auto.home -rw --timeout=300

    But upon login I get the error : "Could not chdir to /myhome/nis1 No such file or dir"
    I login as:
    #ssh -l nis1 <client_ip_addr>

    But if the home dir name is same(/myhome on both client & server) I am able to login with the proper home dir.

    What is wrong?

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    Still nothing on this. I can't believe no one has tried to do this before. It seems like it would be a common issue.

    Please help!!


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