I am a server admin who is new to the field, aka I run the servers for my schools network, and I have been there head admin for a couple of months now. I love it.
we are running Mac server OS X and the firewall for it is crap . I have tried to edit it and i get problems with the admin tools right out of the box. we got the server because the students have always ran the network and are OS of choice was a Linux OS always, and are school board forced us to change it to a more "easy learning curved" mac. the problem I have had a issue with a couple of attacks and I am good with coding and i have tried to make my own scripts but that has not work out to well. also i need something that the other newbie admins can understand. and i found out about IPCop, I was wondering how it would work, i have read up on it, but some of the stuff confused me. any help would be thank. also anything else people would want to recommend in its place would be thank as well.

thank you.