Hi, Althow I know little about IPTables, this one seems to difficult for me.

I need to set-up routing and rules based on Drop-all for my home network were i have 4 seperate internal networks and one Internet connection via Squid

My neighbors connect to the internet via My facilities and routers and I charge them for usage per megabyte.

I need to measure and supply them with some form of ability to block or allow sites and ports.

I also have incomming traffic to webserver on-site (for all their mail)

My problem is the more interfaces - the more complex it become to route and firewall. I have tried to simplify it by using vuurmuur but I still need an PHd in iptables / netfilter to setup the routing and firewalling

I have Ubuntu server and an d-link 4 port ethernet card - one port serving each neighbor - plus the on-board ethernet going to the internet router. I also run the dhcp for these networks.

Is there any one that can help me write the basic rules? or outline it?

Thanx a lot